Concorde Memories

The Concorde Crossing

Changes to the crossing

The Concorde crossing had to be made bigger to allow the fat Airbus to slowly waddle across Eastchurch road but the Concorde gates where not wide enough for the hippo to pass through and there wasn't enough land around the gates to make them slide back more…..So the cheapest thing was to get rid of them and permanently block Eastchurch road at the north and south ends (that's what I heard) and over the next 5 years this was done.


Above Concorde Crossing in Dec 2003

Above Concorde Crossing in Dec 2009

Look closely near the top and bottom of the road in the centre

you’ll see some barriers have now been erected to block off the

Concorde crossing from road users and people.

If you go to Heathrow now,  walk north up Eastchurch road towards the north runway you will not be able to get through, you will have to go back to Hatton cross and follow the traffic on a different route, past the Concorde hangers (which have no Concorde’s in them), this route avoids the Concorde crossing.

This is sad but that's life.

For me the old Concorde crossing on Eastchurch road will always be remembered with fondness and happiness as that was the place Concorde crossed the road.