G-BOAA - Last journey from Heathrow

- Part 2 -

13 April 2004

After she’d gone under my bridge I quickly ran down the stairs next to the bridge and started chasing Concorde from Westminister bridge all the way to tower bridge,

London Bridge was the next one I had to get to, but that was a real pain as the south side of the river had lots of old narrow door ways and alley ways where I had to walk down to get there…… Normally this wasn’t a problem but today due to Concorde there where lots of people down there line-ing the banks of the Thames and I was scared I wasn’t going to make it in time however I was ready to make the run and see what happened.

As I was doing that a delivery man from the London Evening standard newspaper parked his van dropped of some newspapers and saw what I was up to….. When I explained what I was doing he said he was heading that way and offered to give me a lift to Tower Bridge that was great bit of good luck.

We got in his van and drove as fast as he could to the edge of tower bridge, on our way there we got stuck in traffic and I was worried I’d miss the last chance to see her but Good luck was on my side and we made it with 10 mins to spare.

I ran to the centre of tower bridge and saw Concorde’s barge slowly coming towards us, I started taking more photos of her

As she went under me, I quickly dodged the slow moving traffic and ran to the other end and took the last set of photos of Concorde in London.

When she’d disappeared in the distance it was a sad sight as I knew I’d never see Concorde-G-BOAA in London again, but overall I had a brilliant day and the thrill of chasing Concorde down the river Thames was exciting I had very very happy time.

Afterwards I saw some Concorde friends from Save Concorde group we chatted for a few mins, then I saw the owner of a travel firm who use to use Concorde we both said hi, then he jokingly said he was sick of hearing about me all the time and that I’d had more than my  “ 15 mins of fame”.

I didn’t care what he said as I wasn’t doing anything bad and I wasn’t lapping up the newspaper pages etc like some other "one hit wonders" from reality tv shows where doing……All I was doing was innocently doing my hobby of chasing Concorde and that was it……… and I was keeping a low head as I didn’t want or need the publicity on my back.

On my way home the Irish Concorde friend who I’d met at Westminster Bridge caught me up and had seen Concorde as well……We went to a pub near tower bridge and sat there chatting for a few hours….. it was a fitting end to a great day.

In a friendly way he said some people he spoke to in the past thought I was a nut case for chasing Concorde all my life, but I replied I didn’t care as I wasn’t doing anything bad and there was nothing bad about Concorde.

When I got home I spoke to some more Concorde friends on a Concorde website before I sent off 5 reels of film to be processed, During that day I’d taken 97 pictures.

After hungerford Bridge the next bridge down the river was waterloo bridge, I quickly picked up speed and beat Concorde’s barge to waterloo bridge as I was running down the southbank people started laughing at me as they’d never seen a 35 year old man  running…..some asked why I was running, when I shouted Concorde and pointed at her barge they laughed even more but I didn’t care as I know I wasn’t doing anything bad.

I got to the centre of waterloo bridge facing Hungerford bridge, cooled down, got my breath back and waited for her when she came, I took more pictures of her with the wide angle lens and ran across the road so I could get pictures of her coming out the end.

I ran across Blackfriars bridge and took photos of her facing East, Then I ran like crazy to Blackfriars bridge and did the same thing but this time I wanted to take photos of her going under the wobbly millennium bridge, I did this but I could see Concorde, all I could see was barge.

Although Concorde was going to leave the houses of parliament at 18.00 at around 17:30 I decided to walk to Hungerford bridge so I could get a few pictures of her sailing under my bridge with big ben in the distance.

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