G-BOAA - Last journey from Heathrow

-Part 2 -

13 April 2004

I wanted to get the classic Concorde with Big Ben pictures and as good luck would have it I got that a few of them as well.

I used 2 reels film getting the different photos. Unlike other Concorde chasing days today I didn’t I need to have high speed film, I didn’t need to use very fast shutter speeds….. I didn’t need to take 6 pictures per second or use huge zoom lenses…… I just needed a standard 28-105 mm zoom lens, with normal speed film and I could take 1-2 pictures a minute as this Concorde was cut up in bits and was never going to be as fast as it once was when it moved under its own power.

While I was walking around getting different angles, people recognised me from my Concorde flight + tv coverage and chatted to me, some took pictures of me opposite Concorde, it was great to see them and it was a very warm and happy feeling.

I also met other Concorde friends who hadn’t seen since 26 Nov 2003 (the last flight of Concorde), it was great to see them, we chatted for a bit before I took more photos.

I met an Irish Concorde friend me and him chatted for a bit and we started to walk around taking more photos of Concorde, he didn’t have an SLR camera but had a the large medium format square camera which fashion photographers used.

He asked me to take a few photos of Concorde with it but I didn’t know how to use it so I stuck with my EOS 3 SLR.

During the summer of 2003 me and few of my Concorde friends wrote to the government many times to save Concorde and stop her from being scrapped.

The ones who replied gave us sympathy but that was never backed this up by actions of actually saving Concorde…… So when Concorde was parked next to the houses of parliament  I felt it was hugely insulting to the memory of Concorde to be parked in front of the people who had the power to save her and keep the fleet of Concordes flying but they never did.

She should have been parked next to the London eye instead, but that’s life……….


At 18.00 Concorde was lowered in to her iron coffin and slowly started going under Westminster bridge when this happened crowds of people walked down the north and south banks of the Thames to see her.

 I used my camera’s wide angle lens to get the rest of the photos. I was glad I had that lens as I got photos which others with their standard lenses couldn’t get.

Some got on to my bridge and stood next to me, but I had the best spot and I wasn’t going to let this one go, so I stood there and as G-BOAA came slowly towards me I started taking 1 or 2 photos at a time when she was almost under me.

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