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The Concorde Crossing


In 2003 Heathrow Airport managers closed Terminal 2 plane spotting area, so all Concorde chasers where forced  stand on the public foot paths around the Heathrow.

Concorde normally used the north runway for take off and landings so it was normal for Concorde chasers to get off at Hatton Cross tube and via Eastchurch road walk up to north runway on  our way there we had to walk past the Concorde  crossing.

If we timed it right we could walk up to the Concorde crossing, watch the Concorde for the 7pm take off being towed across the crossing towards terminal 4, then walk to a good spot and wait for the Ba002 Concorde land from America, then wait few more hrs and wait for the 7pm Concorde to take off.

After this we walked back to Hatton Cross tube station via the Eastchurch road and the Concorde crossing….. If we where lucky we would get the crossing just in time to see the earlier  BA002 Concorde being towed across the crossing towards the Concorde hangers.


This was great but if we where very lucky we would see two Concordes being towed across the across the crossing, the first one was the BA002, the 2nd one was the backup Concorde for BA001 Concorde.

Seeing two Concordes was an extremely rare sight, this was the first time in 27 years that I'd see this and I was extremely extremely excited when I saw them….They stopped in front of the huge gates on the Heathrow airport side for 5 mins…… When they did this I quickly got my camera and started taking as many photos as I could before the gates opened.

When the gates opened I stood in a safe place on a public foot path and continued to take photos of this rare thing, after both crossed Eastchurch road, the gates slowly slid shut and the planes continued their slow journey towards the Concorde hangers…… After the gates shut I got my camera and continued taking more photos.


In 2003 I saw this rare event 2-3 times and that was it.  

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