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This video of  a real Concorde crossing

the road at the Concorde crossing at


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Concorde Memories

The Concorde Crossing

A few mins later after Concorde had crossed the road and the gates made the pitched nee naaa, neee naaa, neee naaa sound and slid shut.

This made my day a few months later I was at Heathrow dropping my grand father off at Terminal 4, I again used the same route to get to bath road and again saw Concorde crossing but I forgot to get my camera out.

However watching her cross the road was thrilling as for first time in my life I saw how huge Concorde was.

From ground to top of her tail she was roughly as tall as 3-4 store building it was brilliant.

Above are some of the first photos I took of  

Concorde at the Concorde crossing