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The Concorde Crossing

The Concorde crossing was similar to a level crossing which allows trains to cross roads, but the Concorde crossing allowed Concorde to cross the road.

This place was sacred and holy ground for Concorde enthusiasts, it was the only place at Heathrow where you could stand on the ground and see how big and tall Concorde really was.

The crossing was based at Heathrow Airport on Eastchurch road between the eastern sides of the North and South runways.

 (Above is a rough map of Heathrow in 2009 showing where the Concorde crossing was)

Officially it didn't have a name but I just called it The Concorde Crossing as it was the only place at Heathrow  that allowed Concorde to cross a public road.

Normally to see Concorde I went straight to Terminal 2's plane spotting area and only discovered the Concorde Crossing in 1988 by accident. I was dropping my uncle off at Terminal 4 and was making my way up to Bath road via Eastchurch road……As I went over a round about near some huge buildings with the words British Airways on them a set of traffic lights slowly turned red, so me and other motorists stopped our cars.

A few mins later we saw the traffic lights flashing red and heard a fairly rapid high pitched nee naaa, neee naaa, neee naaa sound coming from no where.

Next thing we saw where two huge steel gates on either side of the road sliding towards the footpath next to us.

Then I looked to my right and behind a thick barbed wire lined security fence I saw the shape of Concorde….. At first I could not believe my good luck….. I could not believe it was really her….. but it was and got very very excited, got the camera out and started taking a few photos of Concorde crossing the road….. Concorde didn't use it own power but was pulled by a flat truck.

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