• 21 January 1978

G-BOAG was born, her registered name was G-BFKW and she was the youngest Concorde in world.

• 21 April 1978

G-BOAG made her maiden flight from Filton, Bristol.

• 6 February  1980

After she had been fully tested she was delivered to British Airways.

• 9 February 1981

British Airways re-registered her name as G-BOAG.

• 26 April 1980

Grounded after a serious engine problem resulted in an aborted flight to New York.

• February 1981

After repairs costing £1 million she re-entered service with British Airways.

• 1982 - 1984

G-BOAG’s life was made hell when she was unfairly grounded by British Airways to use as spares parts donor until older pre-production Concorde’s where brought in take over this horrible role

• 25 April 1985

G-BOAG was put back together and brought up to full mach 2 flight worthy status.

To show her importance in the fleet British Airways used her as model for the smart new 1980’s interior with grey seats

and a new exterior paint scheme called  Landor livery

I call it “Blue Tail” as in that livery Concorde did have a blue-ish tail.

After this moment of fame she was returned to full mach 2 service.

• 1985

G-BOAG did a fly past with the Red Arrows at the Royal International Air Tattoo.

• 13 July 1985

Live Aid - Phil Collins performed at both Wembley Stadium and JFK, utilising Concorde to get him from London to Philadelphia.

Above is live sound from

      that very flight


  No other plane could ever allow him do that, eat your heart out and cry “new” Airbus

  A380, 747 and 787. You’re “new” but still not as good as Concorde.

The Concorde he flew to New York on was G-BOAG.

• 27 May  1996

   G-BOAG had the honour of starting  British Airways refurbishment programme.

• December 1999

G-BOAG is the last Concorde to be repainted in the new Chatham livery.

I call it “white Tail” as in that livery Concorde did have a white-ish tail and with a new interior.

• 19 Oct 2001

G-BOAG was third Concorde to fly after having new safety features installed in all Concordes after the 2000 Paris crash.

• 1 Oct 2003

G-BOAG visited Toronto to start the North American farewell tour before Concorde was sadly retired at the end of the month.

• 14 Oct 2003

G-BOAG visited Dulles Airport, Washington to end the North American farewell tour before flying home to Heathrow Airport.

• 22 Oct 2003

G-BOAG visit to Manchester as part of the UK farewell tour.

• 23 Oct 2003

At 7.30pm with thousands of people (including me) watching from Heathrow Airport and countless thousands watching live on BBC tv, G-BOAG had the honour of being the last BA001 Concorde to “officially” fly out of Heathrow Airport.

   On this happy and sad day her pilots where

           • Captain  ........................................Capt. Adrian Thompson

           • Senior First Officer ....................... SFO Les Evans

            • Senior Engineering Officer ............. SEO Mike Hollyer

• 24 Oct 2003

G-BOAG had the honour of being the last BA002 Concorde to “officially” fly out of New York’s  JFK Airport and being  one  of  3  Concordes  to  take  part  in  the  last commercial day of Concorde’s  flights.

   On this happy and sad day her pilots where


          • Captain  ...................................... Capt. Mike Bannsiter

           • Senior First Officer ......................SFO Jonathan Napier

           • Senior Engineering Officer ........... SEO David Hoyle

           • Senior Engineering Officer ........... SEO Robert Woodcock

On her way home from New York she met up  over  London  with  her  sisters G-BOAF and G-BOAE.  All   3   Concordes   flew  information  a  low  circuit  over London as a final good bye and fare well before they came in  to  Heathrow  to  land at 4pm

It was  a  sad  and  heart  braking  moment  as  from  now no  other  Concorde  would ever fly over London again and I was at Heathrow to see her and wrote report see - 24 Oct 2003

•3 Nov 2003

G-BOAG left Heathrow for the last time to fly to New York on the first leg of a 2 part journey which included landing at JFK- Airport in New York before refuelling and flying her new retirement home at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

•5 Nov 2003

She took from JFKs runway 31L and flew supersonic across Southern Canada to Seattle.

G-BOAG sets a new record for the East to West crossing of North America of  3 hours, 55 minutes and 12 seconds

Flight Data

During her life G-BOAG had


    •  Flown   16,239 hours

   •  Went Supersonic  5,633 times
   •  Landed 5066 times

This made G-BOAG the least used Concorde in British Airways fleet.