• 17 March 1977  

G-BOAE  first flew from Filton in England

• 20 July 1977

She was delivered to British Airways

1977 was also the year of the movies Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever.

•  5 January 1979 - 1 July 1980

G-BOAE was loaned to Braniff Airways in America.

• 1 July 1980

G-BOAE came back home to British Airways from America and for the next 19 years carried on quietly doing her job.

• 1 July 1999

G-BOAE had her crowning moment, out of all the other Concordes G-BOAE had been chosen to fly with the red arrows over Glasgow and Edinburgh to mark opening ceremony of the Scottish Parliament.

• 23 July 2000

G-BOAE was ill, Concorde engineers found cracks in one of her wings and she was grounded. When this happened she feared she would never fly again.

It took a few weeks to find out how things where, the Concorde Engineers at British Airways + Airbus did a brilliant job and found the cracks where not serious enough for her to be grounded for life.  They where more like crows feet wrinkles on people as they get older.

But G-BOAE was still grounded and her Certificate of Airworthiness is removed, this was due to the Paris Concorde crash which happened on 25 July 2000

After that crash all Concordes where grounded.

• 7 Nov 2001

After spending the summer and autume being modified with new safety features and upgrades required by the CAA after the 2000 Paris crash, G-BOAE took to the skies on a test fight. The flight was a huge success and she was the first British Airways Concorde to resume full passenger service.

All her sister Concorde’s at British Airways had very high hopes that they would be able to join her.

G-BOAE  was  over  the  moon  about  it  and  very  happily  she   flew   her   old   route  of  London - Heathrow to New York - JFK.

Concorde Barbados services

• 24 Oct 2003

G- BOAE had the honour of being one of 3 Concordes to take part in the last commercial day of Concorde’s flights.

For her final commercial flight she took off at 10 am and flew to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Her flight number was - BA9021

On this happy and sad day her pilots where


On her way home from Edinburgh she met up over London  with  her  sisters  G-BOAF  and

G-BOAG. All 3 Concordes flew  a low circuit over London as a final good bye and fare well before they came in to Heathrow to land at 4pm

It was a sad and heart braking moment as from now on no other Concorde would ever fly over London again.

And I was at Heathrow to see her and wrote report see - 24 Oct 2003


Flight Data

During her life G-BOAE had


    •  Flown   23, 376 hours and 7 mins

    •  Went Supersonic  8383 times
    •  Landed 7003 times

    •   Captain  .....................................  Les Brodie

    •   Senior First Officer .....................  Capt. Chris Norris

    •   Senior First Officer .....................  Paul Griffin

    •   Senior Engineering Officer ........... Trevor Norcott