•   3 April 1974

The name G-BOAB was registered to the British Aircraft Corporation. (BAC), who started to build the new plane. Her factory aircraft number was 208

• 18 May 1975

G-BOAB made her maiden flight from Filton, Bristol.

• 30 September 1976

G-BOAB was delivered to British Airways.

• 21 January 1979

G-BOAB was lent Braniff Airways and was re-registered as G-N94AB/N94AB


• 17 September 1980

Braniff Airways sent G-BOAB back to British Airways and officially  her name was changed back to G-BOAB.

• 11 September 1984

Sets a distance world record for an airliner with a 4,565 mile flight from Washington USA to Nice Italy

• 16 November 1984

Had the honour of flying the inaugural charter service from London to Seattle via New York.

•  1 July 1988

G-BOAB had the honour of bringing home David Beckam and other football stars from Nantes, France.

• 1998

G-BOAB had the honour of bringing home the 1998 England World Cup squad.

• 18 Aug 2000

After the Paris crash G-BOAB was still at JFK Airport in New York. British Airways had to bring her home to Heathrow. Unknown at the time this was G-BOAB’s last and final flight, her flight number of BA002P.

When she got home G-BOAB was going to have the post Paris crash modifications to make her airworthy but at the time British Airways felt there wasn’t a need for her so she never got these upgrades but was kept in storage incase she was needed.

But in the end as luck would have it there was no need to bring G-BOAB back.

• Nov 2003 - Jan 2004

British Airways decided give G-BOAB to BAA (who own Heathrow Airport) so her outside was reassembled and re-painted.

•Feb 2004

British Airways officially handed G-BOAB to Managers at Heathrow Airport and as of April 2010 she is still there.

•  4 May 2004

CAA de-registered G-BOAB from service.

Flight Data

During her life G-BOAB had


    •  Flew  22, 296 hours

    •  Went Supersonic  7,7810 times
   •  Landed 6,668 times