• 3 April 1974

The name G-BOAC was registered to the British Aircraft Corporation. (BAC), who started to build the new plane. Her factory aircraft number was 204.

• 27 February 1975

G-BOAC made her maiden flight from Filton, Bristol.

• 1975 - 1976

G-BOAC was used by BAC for Certificate of Airworthiness tasks and then subsequently on route proving duties.

• 13 February 1976

G-BOAC was delivered to British Airways and she became the flag ship of the fleet.

• 26 May 1976

G-BOAC flies the inaugural British Airways passenger service to Washington. DC.

• 2 November 1977

G-BOAC flies from Barbados to Heathrow with HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip after their Jubilee tour of the Caribbean.

• 5 January 1979

G-BOAC was lent Braniff Airways and was re-registered as G-N81AC/N81AC.

• 11 August 1980

Braniff Airway s sent G-BOAC back to British Airways and officially  her name was changed back to G-BOAC.

• 19 December 1985

G-BOAC became the fastest commercial Concorde and fastest commercial  airliner in history as she flew at 1,488 mph. This is still a world record.

• 15 August 2000

G-BOAC grounded when its Certificate of Airworthiness is withdrawn as a result of the investigation into the Paris crash 3 weeks beforehand.

• 11 July 2002

G-BOAC had her first test flight following the post Paris crash modification programme.

She was the 5th British Airways aircraft to receive the new safety upgrades.

• 23 July 2002

G-BOAC very happily returns to service with a return flight to New York.

• 20 Oct 2003

With the retirement of Concorde confirmed, G-BOAC starts the Farewell Tour programme with a 10am take off  from Heathrow to visit to Birmingham International via Bay  of Biscay.

• 21 Oct 2003

She was the 10am Concorde flight to Belfast via Bay  of Biscay on the Farewell Tour program

• 23 Oct 2003

She was the 10am Concorde flight to Cardiff  via Bay  of Biscay  on the Farewell Tour program

• 30 Oct 2003

I saw G-BOAC at the Concorde hangers at Heathrow Airport.

• 31 Oct 2003

At 10.30-ish am G-BOAC left Heathrow for the last time and flew to her  new home at Manchester Airport. She was never to return to Heathrow again.

Flight Data

During her life G-BOAC had


    •  Flew  22, 260 hours

    •  Went Supersonic  7, 730 times
    •  Landed 6,761 times