• 25 August 1975

G-BOAD first flew from Filton in England, her aircraft number was 210.

• January 1979 - Mid 1979

For a very short time G-BOAD was loaned to Braniff Airways in America, with a new registration number of  as G-N94AD / N94AD.

• Mid 1979 to mid 1980

G-BOAD was flown back to the UK and for 12-ish months had been jointly flown by Singapore Airlines and British Airways between Heathrow, Bahrain and Singapore International Airport, before politics in Asia stopped these services.

• 19th June 1980

  G-BOAD was re-registered as G-BOAD and given back to British Airways.

Then for the next 23 years G-BOAD gave impeccable service.

• 16 Aug 2000

G-BOAD was grounded and her Certificate of Airworthiness is removed, this was due to the Paris Concorde crash

After that crash all Concordes where grounded.

• 29 Jan 2002

After spending the winter being modified with new safety features and upgrades required by the CAA after the 2000 Paris crash, G-BOAD took to the skies on a test fight.

The flight was a huge success.

• 10 Feb 2002

After getting the paper work and red tape sorted out G-BOAD went back in to full passenger service and very happily flew her old route of London - Heathrow to New York - JFK.

For G-BOAD flying this route was like coming home as she’d been flying this route countless times since her birth and knew it backwards.  

If she had been allowed could have flown to it on her own with the pilots just sitting inside and watching what she was up to, she knew this route that well.

• 4 June 2002

G-BOAD had her crowning moment, out of all the other Concordes G-BOAD had been chosen to fly with the red arrows over Buckingham palace to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

G-BOAD was good enough to fly for the Queen.

   Her pilots where


     • Captain  .....................................  Captain - Mike Bannister.

      • Senior First Officer .....................  CAA Chief Test Pilot - Jock Reid

• 4 May 2004

   CAA De-Registered G-BOAD

Flight Data

During her life G-BOAD had


    •  Flown  23,397:25 hours

    •  Went Supersonic 7,010 times
    •  Landed 8,406

World Records held by G-BOAD

• 7 Feb 1996

G-BOAD broke a world record of flying from  New York - JFK  to London - Heathrow


   2 hours 52 minutes 59 seconds

A world record for a passenger airliner with 100 passengers which still stands to this day.

Her pilots where


    •   Captain  .................................... Leslie Scott

     •   Senior First Officer .................... Tim Orchard

     •   Senior Engineering Officer .......... Rick Eades

• 8 Oct 2003

G-BOAD set the current East to West (Heathrow  to  Boston) Atlantic crossing record of


    3 hours 5 minutes and 34 seconds.

Her captain was - Captain Mike Bannister.

This world record for a passenger airliner with 100 passengers also still stands to this day.

So she has a lot to be proud of..