On her way home from Bay of Biscay flight she met up  over  London  with  her  sisters

G-BOAE and G-BOAG.  All   3   Concordes   flew  in f ormation  a  low  circuit  over

London as a final good bye and fare well before they came in  to  Heathrow  to  land at


It was  a  sad  and  heart  braking  moment  as  from  now no  other  Concorde  would

ever fly over London again.

And I was at Heathrow to see her and wrote report see - 24 Oct 2003

Peter Carrigan was the Senior Engineering Officer on my Concorde flight which had flown

4 days earlier on G-BOAF’s sister G-BOAD.

Flight Data

During her life G-BOAF had


•   Captain  ............................………. Paul Douglas.

•   Senior First Officer ...........….….. .Mark Jealous

•   Senior Engineering Officer ........... Peter Carrigan.

•   Senior Engineering Officer ........... Warren Hazelby


• 20 April 1979   

G-BOAF first flew from Filton in England

• 9 - 12 June 1980

 She flew to Heathrow Airport and was given to British Airways.

 She was then given the name of G-BOAF

• Summer 1982

    G-BOAF did her first airshow, did a fly past at the Farnborough air show

• 1st April 1989

G-BOAF left Heathow airport flew  on one of the first a round the world charter flights for Concorde and a few weeks later landed back at Heathrow. During this trip she had flown 38,343 miles.

• May 1993

She was the first Concorde of BA’s fleet to get rid of her 1980’s interior fittings and got new funky 1990’s style ones.

• 1996

G-BOAF was first aircraft in BA to get rid of the smart 1980’s power dressing blue tail livery

and was painted in the new more  contemporary,  relaxed  and  chilled  out  1990’s Chatham livery.  

• 16 Aug 2000

     She was grounded, Her Certificate of Airworthiness  is   removed,   this was due to the

     Paris Concorde crash which happened on 25 July 2000.


    After that crash all Concordes where grounded.

• Winter 2000 - early Summer 2001

G-BOAF  was  used  as  a  test  Concorde  which  had  safety  upgrades  fitted to her including Kevlar fuel tank liners.

• 17 July 2001

     With these safety upgrades in place she was given the green light and allowed to  fly  to

     see if all these things really worked.

     G-BOAF did an excellent job and her flight was a huge success.

• 22 Oct 2001

After a few more tweaks to the safely upgrades, G-BOAF made one last and final test flight this time, this was a return flight from UK to New York.


G-BOAF flew  effortlessly  with  out  any worries, she did a first class job and her flight was a huge huge success.

Due to her sacrifice in being used as guinea pig (to test the safety upgrades), she paved the way   for   all   other Concordes in both Air France and British Airways to have the same safety upgrades fitted, she helped Concorde fly again.

• 7 Nov 2001

G-BOAF had the honour of becoming Blair force 1 for 3 ½ hrs as our  Prime Minister Tony Blair used G-BOAF to fly to Washington to meet President George W Bush.

It was a land mark  day  because  no  one  outside  BA  or  Air  France  had  flown  on Concorde since the Paris Crash.

Tony Blair put his life in to G-BOAF’s  hands  and  G-BOAF  did  not  let  him  down she swiftly  and  safely  carried  our  leader  to  America  and  she  brought  him  safely  

back home

Tony Blair gave the thumbs up to Concorde and the flight proved Concorde was 100% safe for  passengers,  after  this  final  test-ish  flight   normal   passenger  service for all upgraded Concordes was resumed for both airlines.

G-BOAF and all her sister Concordes from Air France and BA where over  the  moon about it, they where extremely extremely happy, they where  on  cloud  9  as they loved flying and they completely and totally adored flying at twice the speed of sound.

The feeling from Concorde pilots, crews and engineers from  both  airlines  was yes yes yes, we’ve got Concorde back and we are overjoyed.

The public from both countries where also very happy to see  Concorde back  and  for a short while Concorde was shown on every news bulletin in the UK.

When I heard Concorde was coming back I  was  over  the moon  about  it,  I was that happy.

This was thanks to the hard work of the  engineers  +  pilots  at  BA,  Air  France  and Airbus, it was also thanks to the star of the year G-BOAF.

• 1 Dec 2001

     Less than 1 month after Tony Blair flew on Concorde, G-BOAF re started the weekly

     winter flights of  London  to Barbados.

     She also carried on with her normal duties of flying from London Heathrow - New York


• 24 Oct 2003

G- BOAF had  the  honour  of  being  one  of  3  Concordes  to  take  part  in  the  last

commercial day of Concorde’s  flights.

For her final commercial flight she took off at 2pm and flew to around the Bay of Biscay carrying a load of VIPs for one last time in her commercial life.

Her flight number was - BA 9010

On this happy and sad day her pilots where