G-BOAF - Last flight of Concorde

Watching Concorde land at Filton

When me and Declan got to the Green Man pub, the land lady kindly invited us and other Concorde chasers to her flat to see G-BOAF landing at Filton. It was great to be with others who loved Concorde as much as me and to share the experience of seeing her land on TV…….I was grateful to her for allowing us to see G-BOAF land.

As we watched G-BOAF landing on Sky TV we heard the feeble stupid excuses made by Airbus UK as to why Concorde was grounded for life etc, most of us loudly booed at this (as we knew their excuses where an utter load balony).

While we watching G-BOAF land on live tv the first group of  our friends (who had gone to Filton instead of Heathrow) saw her land in real life.

G-BOAF - Landing videos

(Above are videos of  G-BOAF and Concorde’s last ever landing at Filton)


(Above are photos of  G-BOAF and Concorde’s last ever landing at Filton)

After G-BOAF landed and taxied to a stop, she was greeted by a host of VIPs including HRH Duke of York….. After the passengers where let off Captain Mike Bannister officially handed her over to HRH and marked an end to the last Concorde landing and to civil supersonic flight……

Captain Mike Bannister giving the flight book of G-BOAF to HRH Duke of York.... behind Mike stood Rod Eddington (CEO of BA in 2003) and Captain Les Brodie.

Captain Mike Bannister (left) and Captain Les Brodie (right) leaning out of G-BOAF and waving the Union jack after she had stopped taxiing.

Captain Mike Bannister and Captain Les Brodie standing next

to G-BOAF's nose wheels.