After she had off loaded her passengers at Terminal 7, Philip, Bob and Ugo (British Airways Concorde engineers) went airside to help start the decommissioning process with their American colleauges…….

She was silently towed to a BA hanger where Philip and his colleagues had the very  sad and very depressing task of decommissioning her and stripping of her of the ability to be “alive”….. Stripping her ability to taxi  and take off under her own power…… Stripping her ability  to fly  and to fly supersonic any where in the world.

This was the saddest day  of G-BOAD’s life......... For 27 years she had served BA faithfully  and safely…… She had carried countless people, countless times safely  across the North Altantic Ocean at Mach 2….. she had taken many people on around the world flights at Mach 2….. she was still the world transaltantic record holder.............

G-BOAD spent the next 2 weeks in the hanger being decomissioned.

Eye witness account of G-BOAD’s Decommissioning

The following is an eye witness account of  what basically happened and how Philip felt during the decommissioning process


When she got to Terminal 7, her engines and electrical systems where switched off forever and she very sadly off loaded her passengers for the last time.

For G-BOAD it was an extremely unhappy and very sad time as now she knew she would never see Britain again, she knew she would never go any where under her own steam and she knew she would never fly at mach 2 and beat the setting sun to New York……At that point she knew these where her last ever moments alive and that hurt her more than words could ever say.

According to BA staff she only had 25 bags in the back of the passenger compartment = 25 passengers, as opposed 100 bags = 100 passengers which was her normal on a standard Heathrow to JFK flight.

So G-BOAD was lightly loaded for her final flight and this explains why she made transatlantic crossing in 3 hrs 08 minutes but she still made one of the fastest transatlantic crossings ever and went out in flying colours.

The local press

After G-BOAD landed the British press didn’t care but local New York press said the following


G-BOAD - Last flight from Heathrow 10 Nov 2003

Arrival in New York

One of my friends David Azman  was at JFK to witness the landing and took the following photos  of G-BOAD after she had landed


The above is G-BOAD’s decommission log with signatures of  BA’s British Concorde engineers (Philip Cairns, Bod Hodgkinson and Ugo Fini) who helped their colleagues in America decommission her.

The above are a few photos taken in a hanger at JFK

during the decommissioning of  G-BOAD

After 2 weeks of decommission her, she was finally  pulled out of that  operating  theaeter for planes.

On the outside she still looked like the G-BOAD we all loved and adored, but inside she was dead as every thing needed to make her come alive, everything needed to allow her taxi  under own steam, to take off,  fly  and fly  at Mach 2 across any  land, sea or ocean had been removed or disabled.

She was now just a dead life less body.........…

On the boat to Intrepid

On 24 Nov 2003 G-BOAD was towed to dock next to JFK and was made ready for her last and final journey across the Hudson river to her new home at Pier 86 on Intrepid aircraft carrier.

As she was gently being lifted on the barge Joe Napoli took photos of her.

This is a rough map of G-BOAD’s journey from

JFK Airport to Intrepid via Hometown

Once safely onboard  the boat she started her 2 day journey to Interpid….At the end of the first day G-BOAD dropped anchores near Hometown for an overnight stay, early the next day she continued her journey to her new home.

Above are photos taken by Joe Napoli of G-BOAD  at JFK being lifted on

to the barge to take her to  her final new home and resting place.

This video shows G-BOAD being lifted by  crane on to a barge before its taken from JFK to Intrepid