Concorde Memories

Concorde – 9/11

On 11 Sep 2003 a few hours before the horrific and very sad events of  twin towers Concorde took off from Heathrow for test flight to New York (to test her after Paris crash safety modifications), one of my friends was on this Concorde.

My friend said


Half way to New York the captain heard about 9/11, American airspace was suddenly closed and Concorde had to do a U turn and fly back to Heathrow.

People on board where shocked and very saddened by the events of 9/11.

The test flight had some newly designed metal Concorde cutlery. As a result of 9/11 BA withdrew plans to use this cutlery on all their future flights and Concorde was sent back to the hangers to get stronger door fitted to the flight deck


On 11 Sep 2003 I was going to go to Heathrow to see Concorde take off and land but out of respect for the events of 9/11 I didn't go to Heathrow to see Concorde.