Concorde – Take off - shock wave

The end of the runways at heathrow all have public roads and foot paths near them. During the summer 2003 I often use to walk to these spots and stand on my blue stool near them waiting for Concorde to take off.

The idea was to stand on the stool, near the end of the runway peak over the gray bads on runway’s parameter fence and look down the runway.

When I saw Concorde coming I got my camera and started taking photos.

As Concorde very rapidly flew over the fence and over my head, she formed a shock wave and this shock wave knocked me off my feet and off my stool.

It was an awesome experience, it wasn’t a one off, It happened on every single take off.

Wow this was part of Concorde’s magic.

No other plane, not even the fat over weight Boeing 747 (which was twice the size of Concorde) could ever knock me off my feet, but Concorde did.

This shows how powerful Concorde was.

The only way to see some thing similar is on Waynes world where he and garth watch a plane taking off low over their heads.



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